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Forms & Refund Policy

Forms & Refund Policy:

Please complete and submit the form below for the Driver Improvement class (this class can be used for court or the DMV for points on your driving record).    

You need to attend the full schedule to receive your paperwork or certificate to completion.
You have three (3) days, after you pay, to cancel (less an administrative fee of $ 25.00).  If you pay and your class is within three (3) days you will not receive a refund, if you are late, and/or don’t show up.  

Rescheduling must be completed three days prior to the class date (otherwise you will lose your seat and fees paid).  If you do not show up for class or you arrive late you lose your payment and seat. To attend the class you will need to pay the full payment again.

LUCY’S is based on schedules – once you make an appointment, we are preparing for  you to attend.

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